John Anthony’s kARNATRiix is a soul-soothing culmination of experiments with different styles and sounds, much like a new colour produced by the skilful combination of various hues and shades. It has elements of jazz, blues, rock, trance, funk, and classical music in perfect harmony with the Carnatic kritis of Saint Thyagaraja.

John Anthony’s soundscape stretches out far beyond what has been created hitherto. It is contemporary and yet traditional. It is not simple and yet not complicated. It is electronica and also acoustica. You can chill out or just sit in silent contemplation as the music fills up your senses. The music is direct and clear, offering Indian classical creations in a new age package to people all over the world. 

kARNATRiix is not just another trick out of the sagging bag of what goes for fusion music these days. It is not a traditional melody trapped in a melting pot of sampled copy-and-paste grooves topped by more samples of ambient keyboard and bass textures. The music, with a contemporary feel, has been woven carefully around traditional melodies, entailing years of study and a clear and very deep understanding of the different styles and rhythms used in the compositions.

John Anthony, the architect of kARNATRiix plays guitar and today has embarked on one of his dreams; putting together a band of young, talented and creative minds that will form the core of this eclectic sound.

Says John Antony: "Our music is an extension of our soul and freewill. We believe strongly in our freedom to express ourselves by doing what we do best and; making music and ultimately experiencing it. We hope other people too can share our experience."

John has travelled extensively – China, Russia, Germany, Sri Lanka, UAE and more recently Maldives.

A major feather in John’s cap was the “No More Bhopals” live concert. Played in front of an audience of over 5000 people, the concert was John’s personal commitment to address the struggle of the survivors of the Bhopal gas tragedy. The concert, featuring musicians from all over India was organized to bid farewell too Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior from Chennai. The music video was aired on Channel V and the band performed live at 10 educational institutions across Chennai. A remarkable offering from one of India’s most gifted guitarists.

Coincidentally, this project marked a milestone in John’s life as he bid farewell to the film industry for which he had prodigiously played for a long time and propelled him into the realm of creating/composing the very music for which he has been hailed for.

Another project dear to John’s heart is the “Share the Love” concert in Sri Lanka, organized in aid of the children who suffered the impact of war, for which John was personally invited by the Sri Lankan government to perform.

John has also contributed immensely to theatre productions, the most popular one being ‘PrahaladaCharitram’ directed by the famous Gil Alonand written by senior playwright Na. Muthuswamy.

John looks forward to working with more local and international artists in his relentless pursuit to create something unique - a fresh sound that is unmistakably his trademark – so, be it a veteran, fresher, old school or new-age, you know the cauldron is always open for a dash of exotic spices and stories.

kARNATRiix Global Ensemble

John Anthony and kARNATRiix have also collaborated and played as a ensemble featuring various reputed guest artists from all over the world. Faiyaz Khan on Saarangi, Carola Grey on the drums , Naveen Kumar on Bass, Oliver Fox on Saxophone and Flute, Muthukumar on Tabala, Shomi on Percussion, Raghavendra Rao on Violin, Sunil on Percussion, Jossy on Bass Guitar and Darbuka Shiva on Percussion are few of the artists kARNATRiix collaborated with.



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